Empowering Women Through Financial Independence: The Journey of an Estate Planning Attorney

Finding Freedom Through the Equal Credit Opportunity Act Born amidst the celebratory fireworks of independence, my journey as an estate planning attorney was unknowingly paved by the passage of the Equal Credit Opportunity Act. This landmark legislation, passed just a month before my birth, dismantled financial barriers for women, allowing them access to credit without a male co-signer. This shift didn't just change laws; it redirected life paths for countless…


Navigating Life’s Changes: The Critical Role of Estate Planning for All Families

In the ever-evolving landscape of family dynamics, the need for comprehensive and inclusive estate planning has never been more crucial. With nearly 50% of U.S. marriages ending in divorce and the growing prevalence of second or third marriages, especially in mid-life and beyond, the complexity of family structures is at an all-time high. At Delaney Law, we understand these challenges and are dedicated to guiding families, including blended and LGBTQ+…


Embracing 2024: Navigating New Tax Laws and Making Estate Planning Your New Year’s Resolution

Welcome to 2024, a year of new beginnings. As we enter 2024, it’s important to keep in mind 2023 tax updates, especially changes in Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs), the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), and the implications of these changes on estate planning. This is an opportune time to integrate estate planning into your New Year's resolutions, ensuring both peace of mind and financial security. Understanding the Changes in RMDs: The…


12 Thoughtful Estate Planning Gifts for a Secure Future

The holiday season is a perfect time to express your love and care through gifts that truly matter. Consider these 12 estate planning gifts, each with a profound purpose: 1. Revocable Living Trust - Give the Gift of Peace of Mind A Revocable Living Trust allows you to transfer your assets to a trust while maintaining control during your lifetime. It ensures that your loved ones are financially secure even…


Tips for Successful Communication When Discussing Your Estate Plan with Loved Ones

November presents an opportunity to dive deep into meaningful conversations that impact your family's future. 1. Conversing about Healthcare: A Talk Every Adult Must Have Talking about end-of-life planning is challenging, yet inevitable. As time goes on, roles reverse, and children often find themselves in a position to discuss financial and healthcare decisions with their aging parents. Shifting from the role of a dependent child to an involved adult is…


The Most Important Thing You Can Do for Your Child: Proper End of Life Planning

As parents, we’re often preoccupied with numerous responsibilities from just the right Halloween costume to helping with homework. However, there’s another crucial aspect that parents of young children need to consider: estate planning.  Without the right legal documents in place, you risk your kids being placed in child protective services in the short-term followed by a potentially lengthy and expensive court process to decide who will take care of your…


ABC’s of Estate Planning

In honor of back-to-school, this month at Delaney Law we're focusing on the ABCs of estate planning, including all the essential legal documents that every comprehensive plan needs. An estate plan is like a toolbox – it only works if you have the right tool for the job. An estate plan should be tailored to you and a good estate planning attorney will take the time to listen to your…


Cedar Mountain Outpost Wine & Wills

If you still have estate planning on your to-do list, please join us on Friday, February 24th at 5 pm.   There will be a short presentation about what probate is and why you might want to avoid it with proper planning. We will talk about the difference between a will and a trust and why you might want a comprehensive plan that includes both.  The evening will include ample…

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